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Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick Reviews

We’re constantly striving to make our products the best and to serve you better. Read All Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick reviews below. These Morning Kick reviews are from actual Roundhouse Provisions customers.

Byron L., on 04-08-2022
Great Taste

I got Morning Kick over a month ago and I must say the taste is so much better than expected! The energy I get from this is amazing! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a boost in the morning!

Michael, on 04-02-2022
Tasty Boost in the AM

I was wary of a powder drink but am pleasantly surprised that it is tasty and gives a nice energy and mood boos. There is no "Crash" or jitters that some products can cause. I am overall very happy and will definitely use it in the future to help me get up and go a bit more energetically.

June Lopez, on 04-01-2022
Good for you AND it tastes great!

First of all there is a picture of Chuck Norris on the label. If it's approved by him then it must be ok!!! And it is. I love the flavor, Strawberry lemonade. I have tried other mixes and have always had to add something to it to make it drinkable. Not so with this! It's actually good to drink with just water added. I do have more energy when I take it in the morning but if I forget and drink it later in the day it won't prevent me from sleeping. Each serving has 30 calories and no added sugar. Plenty of greens and probiotics make this a great supplement to a healthy diet!

Sam M. Jordan, on 04-01-2022
Great add on to my morning routine

I've been looking for ways to incorporate more power greens into my diet but was always struggling with feeling bloated for most of the day if I were to take any supplements/ shakes in the morning. That problem went away with the Morning Kick. No bloat, easy to drink first thing in the morning ashwaganda as an added bonus.

Jan Nelson, on 03-09-2023
Love this!!!

This was the first green drink that I have ever actually enjoyed and looked forward to drinking every morning. It was a pleasant surprise. I feel like I am getting nutrition and a great start to my day. Helps me to drink less coffee because of the energy I get but also gives me a calming feeling because of the aswaganda. So glad I tried it.

Annette, on 03-29-2022
Great Tasting Nutritional Drink

It is creamy and delicious, it didn't taste like vitamins like some nutritional drinks can. I drink one in the morning instead of breakfast when I'm at work and it keeps me full for awhile, make sure its cold though.

Robert, on 03-28-2022
Great Taste!

Im a big geek for morning routines, especially when for nutrients. Ive been on this supplement for over a week and I really like it. The taste is great and I feel a energized throughout the day. I wish i got more in different flavors

Amber D., on 03-27-2022
Healthy with a great taste

I bought this product to be added to my coffee in the morning to give me an extra boost of vitamins. I used it every morning for a week so far and I have noticed that it gives me extra energy. this is an easy way to get an extra boost of vitamins. no funny aftertaste which I like.

Elizabeth R. Osborn, on 03-25-2022

I LOVE the Morning Kick powder! First, it actually tastes great! Like lemonade! Usually these powders taste like grass and you just kind of have to choke them down but this one is actually really yummy! I drink it when I first wake up and it gives me a nice little kick without any jitters. It's such a nice refreshing way to start my day, I will 100% purchase this again.

Myrna, on 03-22-2022
Refreshing drink. Great taste.

Morning Kick strawberry lemonade flavor has a great taste and a wonderful energy boost. I especially enjoyed how clear my mind felt after trying it. It tastes better with a little ice but I prefer my drinks cold.

Kyong R. Evans, on 03-14-2022
The absolute BEST TASTE - I?ve tried dozens?

I am extremely impressed with the taste!! I am a total skeptic about powders but this has changed my mind. I have tried dozens of greens powdered drinks and this is the only one I have ever truly loved. am a total skeptic about powders but Morning Kick has changed my mind. I have to make myself savor my morning glass so I don?t over do it and mix more. I have been trying to get off coffee for sometime now, a cup of green tea (I love hot drinks) followed by a glass of my kick, gives me great mental clarity and no jittery start to my day.

Mabel, on 03-14-2022
Morning Kick

Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick is a refreshing morning drink filled with probiotics, power greens & Ashwagandha. The Spirulina algae seems to keep me feeling full mid morning. The Strawberry Lemonade taste is very pleasing to the palate. I seem to feel less stressed which I attribute to the Ashwagandha. Overall this product has been a great addition to my morning routine.

Lynn C. Lane, on 03-14-2022
Must have for Morning freshness and energy

This is super healthy and good source of all natural ingredients needed for your body. Its healthy and soft for skin , smoothness, the ashwagandha ingredients has a lot of benefits for body and so its a multipack deal

Clara J. Bellew, on 03-14-2022
Healthy & Delicious

I?ve been on the search to kick the coffee need in the morning. This has all the ingredients to set you in a smooth morning jumpstart from superfoods, probiotics, and adaptogens. Despite the green color from the greens blend, the flavor is all strawberry lemonade without any grit. This drink is a win that will have you ready to kick down the day?s tasks ahead of you.

Melynda, on 03-13-2022
Great taste!

I tried Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick in a strawberry lemonade flavor. It mixes easily, no need for a blender or shaker, and despite the green color, tastes sweet and delicious with only 20 calories. I am always looking for ways to add probiotics to my diet and this is a simple way to do that. Morning Kick also has power greens so I?m also adding nutrients I may be missing. I?m unsure about ashwagandha. Looking it up on medical websites told me to be cautious, but also stated an average serving had 1000 mg and Morning Kick has 200 mg.

Dean L., on 03-13-2022

I received this product about a week ago and can already feel a difference. I used to wake up feeling sluggish and tried now I'm ready to take on the world. I can't wait to see what I feel like after a month after using this product. I will definitely continue to use this product and share my family and friends about my experience with morning kick.

Bryan K. Scala, on 03-13-2022
Taste good

I got this product to help me in the morning to wake up and feel better about myself. I am usually dragging in the morning?s and just exhausted. This product helped to give me a little boost that helped me get out the door. It also made me feel better knowing I was sinking something that was good for my health and full of some nutrients that my body needs.

Cynthia, on 03-13-2022
"Kick" is right!

This product is pretty amazing. I usually cannot get my day going without coffee, but I drank a serving of Morning Kick while waiting for the coffee to brew and I can honestly attest that it was nearly an hour later that I realized I hadn't yet touched coffee. It works fast to give an energy boost and satisfy cravings. The taste is pleasant, sort of sweet and tart. It can be dissolved in water or mixed into a smoothie.

Debra, on 03-12-2022
Really like this dietary supplement.

I can't say I liked the green color...but both my hubby and myself were impressed with this Morning Kick. It tastes good and provides nutrients that we may not otherwise be getting. With the power greens, probiotics and ashwagandha combination, it's very healthy and we will continue to take it daily in the morning. We can all use a little help to keep us healthier.

Alice, on 03-12-2022
A Tasty Surprise

My husband and I both enjoyed this tangy supplement drink. The powder mixed well with water turning it green and I thought what is this going to taste like but I was pleasantly surprised that it was very good. Its a delicious way to start your day off right!!!

Cameron V. Hayes, on 03-12-2022

"I love taking Greens daily to help with my vegetable intake and also for my gut health. The issue I have found is that I do not love the taste. I have tried countless amounts of different brands and was excited to give this one a try since it was strawberry lemonade. When you first open this, it has the typical smell and look of any other green. I was a little hesitant as I was expecting to take my first sip and taste the green grass flavoring that most would expect. I took a gulp and was shocked. I took another. I do not know how they did it, but these have absolutely no green grass taste at all! They are amazing! I can drink a whole glass of this on its own. I love it! I also mixed these in with my BCAA during my workout as well as with an immunity powder I use. It worked in all ways. I personally just like drinking them alone to get in more water intake for the day as well. These my be my absolute favorite greens I have ever tried. I will buy again and again as I can actually drink them daily without having to force myself to do so. After only a week of using these, I have been much less bloated at the end of the night. If you have tried greens in the past, I would recommend giving these a try. I need to see if they have other flavors and need to find out how to get more!"

Guy Melton, on 02-03-2023
Morning Kick

Great taste. Drink it every morning. Hit the gym. I?m 74. Work out about every day

Rob, on 02-28-2023
Morning Kick

Just started my 2nd jar. Love the taste and I eliminated some of my pill vitamins I have been taking. No jitters and I feel a little more energy in the AM. I still take my Saw Palmetto and D3 but stopped everything else. Getting ready to order another 3 jars so I can take one with me when we travel.

Shalesa, on 02-27-2023

I run my own extremely demanding business, both mentally and physically. I was feeling honestly ready to throw in the towel because of ?burn out?. This stuff is AMAZING. I have steady energy, great sleep(not waking up sore anymore either), incredible mood and A TON MORE stuff done! I have zero side effects, no crashes, jitters, smells?. AND it tastes AMAZING! I have never found anything like this! Thanks Chuck Norris!!!

Annie Sheets, on 12-24-2022
Morning Kick

Found it to have a good flavor. Mixes well with water and great first thing in the morning.

Rex Mason, on 12-15-2022
Morning kick exceeds expectations

I bought it for arthritic inflamed joints mistly in back neck and spine. Day 6 definitely noticed looseness like i popped 3 ibuprofen. Three weeks in i am like 70% better. Bad shoulder gone. Bad nexk gone. Back still some issues but way reduced. Also noticed improvement in doing a few excersize s like curls easier reps. Very happy except price on this site shows 79.99 i paid like $40 ea for 3. What's that about?

Patrick Hayes, on 11-22-2022

Well I bought 9 jars after all Chuck Norris is one of my all time favorite actors and better health is what we all want. My wife and I take it every morning and the energy level is awesome

Dane, on 11-22-2022
Knee and elbow pain from martial arts

The bovine collagen is working quick , second day results!I'm a martial artist of 40 years. Had lots of pain in my left knee and right elbow . It's gone since using Morning Kick. thank God for the morning kick team and Chick Norris!

Robert, on 11-15-2022
A Product that helps give you Energy and keeps you calm through the Day.

I have to say, seen that Mr. Norris stood behind this product and this is why I want t try it. It took me about a week or so several months back when trying this product as each person experience will be different, due to each person either have health challenges or no health challenges. I can say 100% this product with all its ingredients and its health benefits has helped me in many ways. Depending on the day as I am a person who does dialysis 3 times a week, I tend to have more energy, feel good, and feel much calmer and less stressed at times after drinking morning kick. Overall this is a great product, I just hope down the line they may come out with more flavors, as I would be geared towards trying and buying this product in more flavors.

Lori, on 10-21-2022
Morning kick

I am very sensitive to alot of things There for I struggled with it in the morning but I found its better for me at lunch time It does not effect my sleep. It also helps my digestion and anxiety I enjoy the sweet and sour taste

Norm, on 01-22-2023
Morning kick

I got some to try it out and it's a game changer.

Khalil Prince, on 01-15-2023
The real deal

Just ask good as advertised. I can tell a massive difference from one serving since my diet isn't the best. Definitely worth it for people trying to fix bad habits or improve good ones. Thank you Chuck and staff.

Anthony Laux, on 01-15-2023
Taste Great

So Far it taste really great. Some of the other products I've tried have not great taste I've had to add stuff do it. In looking forward to keep buying and try other stuff you make in the future.

Mike Berner, on 01-13-2023
Great Taste

I ordered this product last week and it just got delivered this morning. I just tried it for the first time and it tastes great which is a big plus, so I definitely wont mind drinking it, let's see how it works. I have always liked Chuck Norris and willing to give it a try based on his endorsement. Only time will tell.

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What Is In Roundhouse Provisions Morning Kick?

The key ingredients in this Chuck Norris-Approved formula are:*†

  1. Power Greens Blend: A potent combo of nutrient-rich super greens to help support smoother digestion and a robust immune system, helping you feel lighter and more energetic.2
  2. Probiotic Blend: A mix of healthy “good” bacteria to help support optimal gut health.3
  3. Ashwagandha: An all-natural ingredient with powerful effects to help support energy levels, mental focus, and your body’s response to stress.4,5

Is Roundhouse Morning Kick Effective?

Roundhouse Provisions sources only high-quality ingredients when creating their products. Many satisfied users report positive experiences with Morning Kick in reviews, but everybody is different – so your results can and will vary.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What Is Roundhouse Provisions?

    Roundhouse Provisions by Chuck Norris is committed to helping you reach your full potential through quality food supplements and emergency preparedness kit essentials.

    How Do I Take Morning Kick?

    Morning Kick is a powder, and taking it is incredibly easy. Simply mix one scoop of powder with a full glass of water, and drink up. You can drink Morning Kick in the morning, but you can also enjoy it at any time of the day.

    Is There A Return Policy?

    If you feel Morning Kick is not for you, simply contact customer service within 90 days of your purchase and return the jars to Roundhouse Provisions. You’ll receive a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping fees.

    †These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.